Cuore bianco di Capra

Fresh flowery rind goat milk cheese

The cheese is made with Sardinian goat milk, it has a short seasoning and it is characterized by a typical soft texture straw-colored and flowery crust with a beautiful white and uniform mycelium. Sweet-flavored and delicate paste.


Pasteurized whole goat milk, rennet, salt, live lactic ferments. White mold edible crust (Pennicillium Candidum). No added preservatives

Intended use

The product is suitable for all consumers except for those who are intolerant to some allergenic compounds (milk and lactose).

Conservation method

Keep refrigerated between 4°C and 6°C. Once opened eat within 4 days

Packaging method

Packaged by polythene paper


Milk, lactose, milk proteins

Shelf life

90 days