Dolce nero

Black on the outside and milky-white on the inside

Sweet semi-matured goat cheese. Black on the outside and milky-white on the inside: a cheese with a gritty appearance that reveals an unexpected sweetness. This cheese has a non-edible rind, black in colour, a semi-hard and compact paste, with a white colour and a delicate and sweet taste.

It goes very well with marmelades, fruit compotes, honey and Cremonese mostarda on a cheese platter. Ideal for grilling, it will get enjoyably soft without losing its texture. Excellent combined with fresh red wines.


Pasteurized whole goat milk, rennet, salt, live lactic ferments. Crust treated with preservative E235 and food coloring E172 (Iron oxide). Inedible crust.

Intended use

The product is suitable for all consumers except for those who are intolerant to some allergenic compounds (milk and lactose)

Conservation method

Keep refrigerated between 4°C and 6°C

Packaging method

Vacuum packed


Milk, lactose, milk proteins

Shelf life

90 days