Re Capra – medium

Fresh goat cheese with soft texture

Fresh goat cheese with soft texture. Respect for nature and the traditional cheese-making wisdom allow us to obtain this tasty and healthy cheese. Despite having a moist and soft surface, this cheese has a chalky and crumbly paste with holes; it is white in colour and has a distinctive flavour.

It is perfect for Caprese salads, it can be served as an appetizer or in cold dishes; it can be an interesting addition to pasta sauces or in pies. It can be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and Flower of Salt with aromatic herbs. It’s suitable for pairing with fresh white wines.

It is important to consume it fresh to fully enjoy its unique characteristics; store in a refrigerator away from other foods.


Pasteurized whole goat milk, rennet, salt, live lactic ferments. No added preservatives

Intended use

The product is suitable for all consumers except for those who are intolerant to some allergenic compounds (milk and lactose)

Conservation method

Keep refrigerated between 4°C and 6°C

Packaging method

Vacuum packed


Milk, lactose, milk proteins

Shelf life

60 days