We are in the heart of a magical island: Sardinia. In the unspoilt valley of Gergei we raise our Murciana goats and process their precious milk in order to make high quality dairy products.

From the Sardinian peasant expertise, respectful of the rhythms of the earth, and from the safety of innovative production processes, comes our new line of fresh soft cheeses and semi-matured semi-hard cheeses. Our cheeses, which we produce in a short supply chain, using entirely fresh milk from our own farm in Gergei, are the symbol of authenticity and high quality.

Murciana goats are well known for their high rate of milk production, which is especially good for cheese making. Independent of the season, our goats are able to guar-antee milk daily, meaning our products are available all year long.

Our focus is on animal wellbeing—we only work with experienced breeders. Their expertise on goat rearing and feeding means that our animals are happy and healthy, and the milk they produce is of the highest quality. Our focus on animal welfare and high hygiene standards gives extra flavour to our products, meaning they lack the unpleasant “goaty” taste often found with goat milk.

The Fattorie Renolia yogurt is as delicate as the scent of grass on a spring day. A crescent of hills surrounds the stables and shelters. The goats are reared and looked after by caring hands. Their precious milk is processed, in uncontaminated premises, by very capable hands into yogurt either as a to-go drink or in pots. Our love for the beautiful island that hosts our factory, combined with the utmost attention to consumers, transpire in our goat yogurt line. Our very short production chain ensures quality, freshness and a total control on the raw ingredient.