Renolia Farm is located in a rural area of outstanding beauty, with lush fields where our goats can freely roam and browse in peace. It is in this setting that our production takes place in perfect harmony with nature.

The recently built cheese making facility contains production mixes innovation with tradition. The recently built cheese making facility contains some of the latest advances, yielding delicious fresh goat cheeses. Meanwhile, the historic yogurt facility continues to make our famous and popular goat-milk yogurts, available both in pots and as a to-go drink. With all these developments, our driving forces remain a focus on quality and care for our customers. All of our production follows strict quality procedures, in agreement with HACCP, BRC and IFS FOOD standards. In our new dairy department our delicious fresh goat cheeses and semi-mature semi-hard cheeses come to life, while in our historic yogurt facility the traditional production of our renowned and appreciated goat milk yogurt in pot and as a to-go drink continues.

Production lines are brand new and efficient, production processes are eco-friendly. Technology, innovation and millenarian peasant experience come together in these new production environments and are conveyed into products that represent our unique mission: high quality in harmony with nature. Our historic Renolia yogurt facility has been moved to our own brand-new production facility. Our well-known focus on good production processes finds its most fertile expression in these innovative and avant-garde environments, which allow us to reach even higher levels of quality.